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123 Casarte Drawer dishwasher Model WQP60SS

Features Dishwasher. disinfection: 1)Drying three in one; 2)Two-way circulating water pump,Run secure more peace of mind; 3)Suspended airfoil efficient spray system. Triple filter net system.

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US $ 1380.00 - 1680.00 / Pieces
1 Pieces
Monthly Capacity:
100 Pieces
Shanghai ; Qingdao
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L/C, T/T, Other


Item specifics

  • Capacity:

    8 L

  • Style:

    UV Ozone and Ultra-high Temperature

  • Number of Dishwasher Cabinet:

    Single Door

  • Disinfection Apparatus Function:


  • Control Type:


  • Cabinet Door for Dishwasher:



Delivery Detail:
1-20 days

Product Description


Casarte Drawer dishwasher Model WQP60SS

Suspended airfoil efficient spray system,The corner Cleanse.

Speed and angle of the spray arm. Automatic adaptation with water pressure. Save electricity 1/2 & Save water 1/2 Protect precious tableware;300mba water pressure. Strong power Three-dimensional Spray curve. Comprehensive cleaning more thoroughly;Removable design. Gently mention one click Cleaning and maintenance can be carried out.

Two-way circulating water pump,Run secure more peace of mind.

Into the water and drainage integrated,High water use efficiency,Reduce component wear,At the same time more reliable and stable performance;Two-way cycle,Wash the forward rotation,Drain reverse rotation,Centered. Water flow more stable.

UMD frequency conversion direct drive motorSmart regulation doubling clean

Intelligent frequency conversion According to load and cleaning cycleControl the cleaning mechanism and operation mode;Double impeller running 42 db softly like a gentle whisper, Bring you uninterrupted quiet and comfortable.

Baby peace of mind every mouth

High temperature sterilization technology,Effectively kill 9 bacteria such as E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus,Even the baby's delicate stomach, do not worry;Three - layer residue filtration system and high temperature alkaline washing,Let utensils and dishwasher fuselage synchronization clean.

360 ° omni-directional clean

Suspended airfoil efficient spray system cleaning,Will not be missed. Dead corner,More UMD inverter direct drive motor help clean,According to load and cleaning cycle Match the cleaning mechanism and operation mode, Intelligent control precision peace of mind,Feeding bottle So difficult to clean the tableware Corners clean more thoroughly.

Drawer-like simple and easy

Innovative drawer design,Adapt to the body's natural shape. Avoid squatting bend over, Intimate protection pregnant mother,Germany Hettich mute Slide rail system,Push and pull There is no feeling of late, Enjoy quiet whispering care.

Multi-dimensional washing.

In addition to the daily use of the bowl cup,But also clean individual life items,For you who loves cooking To solve the long-term accumulation of heavy oil and pan grill grill heavy oil,Every time you make a cocktail party with friends when. Use very shiny and new cup dish ware, Not because the clean-up Difficult to reach the corner. Full transcendence Artificial scrubbing.

It can be cleaned Three meals a day All utensils

Box and core components were ultra-thin design,Optimize the use of space, In the 1500px standard cabinet space,Set the upper to the dishwasher, Can make full use of the lower cabinet;Large interior space,pot Utensils Can also be easily placed.


Additional information

· Power supply rated voltage: 220V Rated power: 50Hz

Power (w) Maximum power: 850W

· Housing material Stainless steel

Dimensions (width * depth * high mm) 599 * 580 * 410

· Cabinet reserved clearance size (width * depth * height mm) 600 * 582 * 412

Gross weight (Kg) 35

· Net weight (Kg) about 30

Particularly function

Features Dishwasher. disinfection:

1)Drying three in one;

2)Two-way circulating water pump,Run secure more peace of mind;

3)Suspended airfoil efficient spray system. Triple filter net system.

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