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Meridian Rubber Tire Mold

For the curing of various types of tire mold. Tire mold classification 1: active mold, by the pattern circle, mold sets, the upper and lower side plate composition. Active mold to distinguish the conical guide active mold and oblique plane oriented active mold 2: two molds, by the upper mold, the next two pieces of the composition.

FOB Price:
US $ 0.00 - 0.00 / Sets
1 Sets
Monthly Capacity:
100 Sets
Shanghai ; Qingdao
Payment Terms:
L/C, T/T, Other


Item specifics

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Delivery Detail:
1-20 days

Product Description



1, curing agent dosage should be depending on the temperature may be, the temperature is reduced. Curing agent used too much, the mold will become harder and brittle; curing agent used too little, the operation time will be extended.

2, in order to prevent changes in physical properties of silicone, it is recommended not to add silicone oil.

3, for your mold to achieve the best results, please put the mold at least 24 hours after use. Tire molds for vulcanizing molds of various types of tires.

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