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The electric heating tube series (stainless steel, iron, copper, titanium

The explosion proof mark of explosion-proof heater is Exd BT4 ExD II BT6 II Exde II CT6.

FOB Price:
US $ 1.00 - 99.00 / Piece
1000 Pieces
Monthly Capacity:
200000 Pieces
Payment Terms:
L/C, T/T, Other


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1.The electric heating tube can be widely used for heating water, oil, air, nitrate solution, acid solution, alkali solution and low melting point metal (aluminum, zinc, tin, babbit alloy).

2.Pipeline heater: electric heating tube is mainly used for blowing system which installed in the air heating system, to waft hot air. Also can be used as heating element for all kinds of oven and electric furnace

3.The nitrate solution, oil, water heating: welding the bended electric tubular heating element on the flange. The electric heating tube is used for heating the opened, closed solution box and the circulation system.

4.Single end heater: the electric heating tube cannot be used for the heating medium which wiring at both ends, suitable for hot core box, core shooting machine and other equipment. 

5.Advantages: electric heating tube has simple structure, high thermal efficiency, good mechanical strength, safety and reliable, flexible and durable.

6.Structure: heating pipe is the electric wire in a seamless metal tube, the gap fully and tightly filled with crystalline magnesium oxide powder which has good thermal conductivity and insulation properties

7.Titanium electric heat pipe and steam pipe has small proportion, high strength, corrosion resistance. Practice has proved the titanium has high efficiency, long service life in anti-corrosion equipment production, it can greatly improve the efficiency of electroplating industry without affect the plating solution in the electroplating equipment.

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